Punanga Nui Market

The following is a Royal Chant, a French Poetic form that was a Gather Challenge.


Rarotonga’s Punanga Nui Market

When you should want of a tropical treat

where you will be warmed by fragrant breeze

sunshine aplenty and  trade winds blowing.

Board  plane, hoist sail or whatever please

to give flights of fancy most  ample space

to far flung Cook Isles where you be going.

Across  Pacific where paradise found

On a volcanic island in green gowned

flaunting exotic rare flowers apace

in Pacific breezes that do propound

Rarotonga’s Punanga Nui place

Saturday morn you are in for a treat

With waffles, iced coffee, and rolling seas

and a plethora of what’s growing

in valley, cloud forest, plantation trees,

birds of paradise, ginger in a vase,

pawpaws, coconuts, paddles for rowing

laughter, mangoes, a ukulele sound,

pineapples, watermelons, aki  abound

yellow fin tuna, skipjack in disgrace,

fallen flame tree flowers carpet the ground

Rarotunga’s Punanga Nui place

Oh the Maori vendors you will meet

Selling  treasures for exorbitant fees

topping the list is black pearls they’re


from Oysters in Mantiki if you please

black-lipped mother of pearl Pinctada race

fashioned into  finger jewels glowing.

Barter not, for on that the vendors frowned;

value what’s offered;  efforts will redound

painted fabrics and Pareus by the case

Pandanus woven hats of grace renowned

Rarotunga’s Punanga Nui place

Chutney of mangoes and lime, Banoffee Pie sweet

paw paws, jams, breadfruit, and honey of bees

curries, and arrowroot served with much ease

by friendliest folks you ever did sees

Manihiki Uto to drink and dace

smoked to eat and a bit more for stowing.

Air, censer of delight to astound

as tropical fruit stacked just in a mound

spreading aromas abundant to glace.

While rhythms of mate drums do surround

Rarotunga’s Punanga Nui place

Many smiling Maori’s there to meet.

When slowed to island pace-the day to seize

their treasures on us they are bestowing

not just beautiful maires to appease

but  to reveal  an island people’s base

when  soul of  commonest object going

seems to us radiant with flowers crowned.

Seek not the treasures for they are inbound.

Here Ulysses might  slowed further his pace

and Prometheus may want to stay bound

Rarotunga’s Punanga Nui place

market on Avarua’s Street will be found

the most delightful adventure around

the time of your life to never efface

fine moments to live and find the profound

Rarotonga’s Punanga Nui place


About priscillacpoupore

old grey nag who's not done yet Relishing the study of the Chakras these days and connecting with fascinating spirits all around the world. When home in West Texas, Bill and I are working on our Strawbale house. We share lives with three burros, a Mustang and two cats.
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One Response to Punanga Nui Market

  1. More than Lovely!
    I would like to hear the Allstate commercial guy (Dennis) read it in his darkly rich voice.
    Could you arrange that, please?

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