Romance in Raro

Does St. Valentine’s love connection

Appear with the tropical blooms

coloring the island’s greenery with red, yellow, orange and white

or luxuriate among the fragrances of sea, gardenias, jasmine warm musk

or frolic among waving palms, warm white sands, and luscious breezes

or dine in restaurants with exotic names offering bubbly champagnes, rosy rich wines, and delicacies divine?

Perhaps not—Cook Island News ignores the natural romance of the island and gives front page color to  Knickers in a Twist:



About priscillacpoupore

old grey nag who's not done yet Relishing the study of the Chakras these days and connecting with fascinating spirits all around the world. When home in West Texas, Bill and I are working on our Strawbale house. We share lives with three burros, a Mustang and two cats.
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One Response to Romance in Raro

  1. Polly says:

    Such silly Barbie mentality! Maybe we take for granted the beauty surrounding us everyday? I am going to keep my eyes peeled for the loveliness in what is common and in what I probably overlook. I love you!!

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